Wordsmith Media's European office (Malta) 2010

James D. Griffith 
Managing Director

Dr. James D. Rietveld 
Co-founder and Vice President, Resource Development 

                                 James D. Rietveld serves as Vice President for Resource Development. In addition to his role of a                                          Professor of Antiquities and Archaeology, he oversees resource development and the editorial                                              process of Wordsmith’s periodicals. His background, talents and creativity have not only                                                         allowed him to excel in the university world but in the business world as well. He possesses a                                                natural sales ability in his unique role of bridging the academic and business communities with                                            the shared elements between the two that lead to a strong product and performance in the                                                  marketplace. Dr. Rietveld holds a bachelor’s and graduate degree in History from California State University, Fullerton, with the prized distinction of writing the most comprehensive master’s thesis in the history of the California State University system, comprising some four volumes. He earned his Ph.D. from Claremont Graduate University and has taught graduate level courses at Cal State Long Beach and Cal State Dominquez Hills.  He presently teaches at California State University, Fullerton. In addition to his editorial role, Dr. Reitveld has been instrumental from the beginning at Wordsmith in developing key relationships with external vendors and joint venture partners. He has traveled extensively, conducting business in Europe and the Middle East, engaging a myriad of cultures with his familiarity of more than five different languages.

Michael A. Herrington 
Chief Financial and Administrative Officer

                                  Michael A. Herrington is the Chief Financial and Administrative Officer of Wordsmith Media, Inc.                                   He holds a Master’s degree from Liberty University, as well as degrees in Organizational and                                         Supervisory Leadership from Biola and Hawaii Pacific Universities. Mr.Herrington is a seasoned                                    professional in corporate administration, and has previously owned and operated real estate                                       appraisal firms.  He also has an established background in the U.S. Marine Corps and the U.S.                                       Army. His administrative expertise while in the military included supervising and managing                                           personnel and equipment, writing and editing detailed reports, tracking and accounting of various equipment and materials, logistics, scheduling, system administration, and exposure to many high-profile settings. Mr. Herrington’s current responsibilities include financial accounting and spending controls, administrative and operational analysis and business functions, report writing, and quality control of product development, investor relations and international business transactions; in addition to overseeing the subscription circulation and administrative departments, logistics, billing, accounts receivable, information technology and digital distribution.

Eric J. Jordan


Mark A. Dane 
Vice President, Editorial Development 

                                  Mark A. Dane serves in the area of Editorial Development for Wordsmith Media, Inc. through his                                     role at Incentives, LLC. He has taught at a national university in the areas of theology and                                                 leadership. He holds an M.A. from California Graduate School of Theology and Master’s from                                           Trinity International University. He has acted in the capacity of Ecclesiastical Editor for Sacred                                         History Magazine and has taught History in the honors program at California State University,                                         Dominquez Hills.

Reid Boates 
Publisher, Wordsmith Books 

                                 Reid Boates leads the book publishing division of Wordsmith Media, Inc. He has several                                                        New York Times and Amazon.com bestsellers to his credit having founded The Reid Boates                                                  Literary Agency representing non-fiction in the fields of spirituality, entrepreneurship, leadership,                                       health, medicine and other perennial bestselling areas of the general interest book trade. RBLA’s                                        recent book titles have included: Parish Priest, Douglas Brinkley (Morrow/HarperCollins, NY                                                  Times bestseller in hardcover) among many other bestsellers. Mr. Boates served as a consultant                                        for companies such as Ford, The Knights of Columbus and Wendy’s . Prior to founding RBLA, Reid was V.P. and Sr. Editor at Warner Books and Doubleday where designed publicity and promotion for national bestselling campaigns. 

Lawrence Szabo
​IT Manager

Lawrence Szabo holds a degree in Telecommunications Management with 15 years experience in the IT field. He has worked on several high-profile projects for such companies as Northrop Grumman, Kaiser Permanente and many others. He has also served as an educator teaching courses in Business and IT (Internet Technology). Lawrence’s present involvement with Wordsmith Media, Inc. is overseeing digital application development and electronic publishing. His expertise also involves social media platforms and industry analyses for digital trends in the macro and micro environments. He joined the Wordsmith Media team in 2013. 

Pete Wilke
Legal Counsel/Securities Attorney

Pete Wilke serves as legal counsel for Wordsmith Media, Inc. Mr. Wilke holds a Juris Doctor (J.D.) from Gonzaga University School of Law and a B.A. in Political Science from UCLA. Mr. Wilke works extensively with business entrepreneurs, individuals and large corporations providing a wide variety of business related legal services including matters related to independent film/media and securities laws. Pete has acted as Wordsmith Media Inc.’s legal counsel since 2011. 

Management and Administration


Incorporated in 2005 as a California corporation, Wordsmith Media, Inc.

has developed offices and operations in the U.S. and Europe as part of a strategic plan impacting the new publishing and media world. So much has changed in the industry in how publishing, media, advertising and marketing is executed in niche and macro ways. The company remains free of institutional debt after taking its stock public in August of 2010. In spite of adverse global economic conditions and extreme industry changes, Wordsmith has successfully navigated the market and is poised to further impact the new media landscape.

                                 In addition to serving as President of Wordsmith Media, Inc., Mr. Jordan has enjoyed a long-                                                      standing career in government contracting, business development, and as a pilot in the United                                                States Air Force Reserve. He is currently the chief evaluator/ instructor and test acceptance                                                       pilot for the C-27j program at L3-Communications. Prior to instructing full-time for the Air Force                                               and other government programs, Jordan was the Business Development Manager at Pemco                                                      Aviation Group and a Contracts and Business Development Manager at General Physics, where he                                          secured close to a total of $500M in new contracts for the companies. Eric's large scale program management expertise and knack for building and cultivating business relationships has provided a solid foundation
for his role at Wordsmith Media, Inc. Mr. Jordan received his B.A. in Business Management at the University of Illinois
​in Springfield and MBA with a concentration in Global Management from National University, San Diego CA. 

Brian Oberholzer
Director Investor Relations

                                   Brian Oberholzer holds a B.A. in English with extensive course work in Philosophy,                                                          Communication Studies, and Business from California State University, Long Beach. In                                                    addition to his work with Wordsmith Media, Inc., Brian is co-producing an ambitious $20                                                million independent feature biographical drama entitled "The Letters," based on the life of                                            Mother Teresa, now set for a world-wide theatrical release in 2015. Brian has also                                                            performed contract work in other varied fields such as green technology, shipping and
                                   logistics with globally-based Total Transportation Concepts, precious metals brokering,
​fine art sales, and banking. 

Steven Frasher
Managing Editor

                                  Steven Frasher is an award-winning journalist and editor in both the United States and                                                     Canada; he won the British Columbia Press Foundation award got Best News Story one year                                           for an incident dealing with the confluence of spirituality, politics and justice. A graduate of the                                       University of Washington, Mr. Frasher advises public and private agencies on communications                                        issues; he is an avid traveler and skilled photographer. Most recently, he has guided                                                          Wordsmith Media's efforts in managing social media for the 2014 Kentucky Derby winner and                                       Horse of the Year, California Chrome with over 137,000 followers, the most of any thoroughbred racehorse in history. He is presently leading Wordsmith's editorial effort in the re-launch of the award-winning, Sacred History Magazine as well as the launch of the new Explorer's Journal travel magazine. 

Darryl Lilly 
Creative Director

                                   Darryl Lilly is the Art Director responsible for all graphic design for Wordsmith Media. He                                                graduated from the University of West Georgia with a B.F.A. in Graphic Design and has owned                                       and operated an Atlanta-based graphic design agency for over 15 years. His talent and                                                    experience producing quality, professional material for Wordsmith Media has allowed the                                              company to be recognized with national awards including The “Top 30 Launches of 2005” out of                                    1,012 and one of the “Best Magazine of 2005” award by the Library Journal. In 2006, Darryl’s                                            work was instrumental in Wordsmith Media winning the gold medal for the Best Cover contest of 2006 by the Newsstand Resource organization. Darryl’s eye for talent and design has been a critical in attracting and retaining some of the best designers in the country as Wordsmith launches new products in the market place. With Darryl’s leadership, the integrity and quality of the company’s products can be ensured well into the future. 

in 2005. The company's first product was the award-winning Sacred History Magazine  ​which was the first history of religion magazine of its kind, with articles from some of the top scholars in the world. With its vivid illustrations, the magazine garnered several awards in the industry. The company also partnered with Walt Disney Pictures in its promotion and marketing activity for the blockbuster movie, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, ​in which the company served as the publicist arm for Douglas Gresham, Executive Producer of the movie series and step-son of its famed British author, C.S. Lewis.

James D. Griffith is the founder of Wordsmith Media, Inc. He holds degrees in Business Management, History and Cultural Studies. Mr. Griffith’s background includes extensive experience in the corporate world with management roles in a Fortune 500 company as well as a top national university. At Delta Air Lines, he served as a trainer in leadership development and conducted media relations training for key individuals throughout the company. His most recent role at Delta was in international affairs just prior to the tragic events of September 11, 2001 in which he travelled word-wide enacting new security and passenger facilitation measures.

Together with his friend of 30 years, James D. Rietveld, Mr. Griffith founded Wordsmith Media, Inc.