November 16, 2016

The Election is Over and Wordsmith Media, Inc. is Standing Strong!

The last 8 years have been challenging to say the least.
Wordsmith Media, Inc. survived! When we began the process of taking
the company public in 2008, we could've never imagined or foresaw the
game-changing turning point of that Fall and the financial meltdown that
followed. After a successful capital campaign the previous summer, the company was poised to not only enter the public equity markets, but each of its newly developed products were positioned for a bold launch.

Things never really improved in the macro-economic landscape. In fact, deterioration became the 'new norm' as we watched our industry change with the emergence of digital publishing and watched the demise of major book store chains like Borders. We were able to finally take the company public in 2010 with the conventional thought that the economic conditions would finally improve...they didn't.  We all waited each year for this evasive improvement that never came. By the 2012 election, it became apparent the new business landscape would be fundamentally changed again for at least 4 more years. We continued to explore various opportunities, but above all, we made sure we kept the company free of institutional debt and allowed no entity to leverage our future as we made it a priority to protect the shareholders who put their faith in us even before we were public.  

​The previous E-Quill posts below describe the activities we maintained, some were very high-profile but again, the economic landscape did not lend itself to a great deal of opportunity and success. We simply had to wait. Thank you all for your patience...we recognize it has been maddening at times! We are all ready for good news and it looks like we got it. After years of small business development at a decades-long low (more businesses failing than starting), we made it!

We have high hopes for this new administration and the economic opportunity it will bring. Thank you to all the shareholders who stuck with us on this very long and arduous road! Please check back often here for updates and exciting announcements in the coming days!

April 21, 2015

Wordsmith Media, Inc. Representing 'America's Horse' California Chrome

Through an agreement with Steve Coburn, co-owner of the
2014 Kentucky Derby champion and Horse of the Year,
Wordsmith Media began representing California Chrome for
public relations and communications while the horse is in the
U.K. for the upcoming Royal Ascot races on 17 June.

Wordsmith has also been managing the Facebook page for the famous horse and its connections since 10 April with over 136,000 followers, the most of any single thoroughbred athlete in social media history. So much popularity has not been seen in the horse racing industry since Secretariat, who was considered by many to be the greatest horse who ever lived (see best-selling book by William Nack and 2010 Walt Disney Pictures' popular film).  

Wordsmith Media, Inc. is proud to play a part in this storied journey of California Chrome. Regular updates can be viewed on the California Chrome Facebook page (click here) and at Wordsmith

February 21, 2015
Wordsmith Media, Inc. Announces Re-launch of the Award-winning Sacred History Magazine

The company has begun preparations to re-launch its award-winning
flagship product, Sacred History Magazine following a long hiatus of
market stabilization. In many respects, the publishing and media
markets experienced a 'perfect storm' soon after the financial collapse
of 2008. Not only did the capital markets freeze, the industry all but
adopted a 'digital' posture with the conventional wisdom that print
media was passé. This macro move towards overwhelming digital
content and production was seemingly rejected by the marketplace
as a replacement of print and proven by market reports in the first half of 2014 in which print
books outsold ebooks : .

The result of the extreme market fluctuation is that digital content has become an augmentation to and not a replacement of print media. Older demographics still prefer print media over digital and the company estimates at least a 20 year life cycle for the print product going forward. This equates to a potential subscriber market in print of over 200,000 year over year yielding the company an estimated $4 million gross revenue for this product alone. See comparable audited dated for a similar publication:

November 22, 2014
Wordsmith Media, Inc. Announces New Book by Nicea Press

Nicea Press, a division of Wordsmith Media, Inc. announces the release
of a new academic book by Dr. James D. Rietveld. It is available at and select university bookstores. Click on the image
to learn more.

In perhaps one of the most definitive works on Artemis of the Ephesians
ever published, James D. Rietveld, Ph.D., provides a comprehensive
examination of the cult statue of Artemis Ephesia, examining her
representations throughout the ancient world and discovering that her image cannot be confined to a limited set of explanations, but that Artemis Ephesia was a figure in constant flux, with interpretations dependent on the particular time period and audience viewing it. Second, personal religious perspectives are investigated in relation to the image and the cult of Artemis in general, providing a counterbalance to many modern studies more focused on the political and social aspects of her cult. The third section investigates Artemis Ephesia in relation to the city’s sacred geography, creating a more contextually discerning view of how her belief system permeated the daily lives of the Ephesians through examining what they left behind in the material culture. Finally, the fourth section examines how understandings of Artemis Ephesia changed with the spread of Christianity, explaining how this Ephesian goddess eventually succumbed to the forces of this new religious perspective, but also noting how some aspects survived even within this new context.

Ultimately, Artemis Ephesia is revealed as a goddess of protection, the sacred space of her precinct understood as a place of asylum for individuals seeking refuge; a bank for those wishing to secure their material wealth, and a shrine for virgins desiring to protect their chastity. By extension of the Via Sacra, her role as protective mother moved beyond the Temple of Artemis to the city itself. Along with the images of Artemis, the Ephesian letters carried her perceived magical protective powers even further, all along the shores of the Mediterranean and even to the very ends of the Greco-Roman world.

September 23, 2014
Wordsmith Media, Inc. Announces Exclusive Holiday Product Purchase by Amazon
Wordsmith Media, Inc. was notified by Amazon that the company's
DVD and digital product, The Last Word on the Assassination by 
TV producer John Barbour has been selected for an exclusive
holiday sales purchase. Amazon will purchase several hundred
copies of the product to prepare for holiday sales through
the end of the year. Click on the image to learn more.

Editorial Reviews
Anyone who cares about what has happened to our country since
the public execution of President John F. Kennedy, simply MUST
make time to see 'The Last Word On The Assassination.' This
utterly stunning, unforgettable event features 'The Garrison Tapes'...the definitive documentary on the horror that changed America and the world...followed by a fascinating panel of the most knowledgeable, brilliant writers in the field: Jim Marrs, Joan Mellen and Dick Russell. Along with Host and Garrison film executive producer, John Barbour, these searingly knowledgeable researchers
present amazing and startling NEW material about the assassination which fills many crucial gaps in the story, shredding the vile, official coverup and leaving the viewer with the final answer to the question: Who killed John F. Kennedy? This program is, truly, an essential, riveting piece of American history and presents a deluge of facts and revelations that have been withheld from the world since 1963.

“If you want the factual background to the maligned Garrison investigation, SEE THIS FILM, the perfect companion to 'JFK!’…There aren't enough people like JOAN MELLEN…driven with passion for the truth! ... I could not have made 'JFK' without Jim Marrs!”
-Oliver Stone
Director, JFK

“The Last Word on the Assassination’: the ultimate irrefutable Truth revealed once and for all”
-Richard Belzer
Actor, Law & Order: SVU

“When it comes to getting to the truth about the Kennedy assassination, no other journalist is as courageous and knowledgeable as my friend Dick Russell.”
- Jesse Ventura
Fmr. Governor (Minn.), Author and TV Host

“MORE EXPLOSIVE than the film 'JFK!’”
-Entertainment Weekly

“If President Kennedy had lived and had written a second' Profiles in Courage,' Jim Garrison would have been the first chapter!”
-Christopher Barbour
Writer, Supervising Producer, 'CSI: Vegas'

"John Barbour's film about Jim Garrison might be the most important program about the JFK assassination that's ever been produced. The trio of high powered experts who explore the intricacies of the Garrison story are the best-informed and most credible researchers in the world.”
-George Knapp
Host, Coast To Coast AM, I Team, KLAS TV, Las Vegas.

“’The Last Word On The Assassination,’ a live webcast from UNLV, is the absolute, definitive event of what happened to President Kennedy in Dallas, and what has happened to America and the world since. There is nothing more compelling and informative. Absolutely nothing! It features the award-winning, much suppressed 'The JFK Assassination: The Garrison Tapes,' the only documentary in which former New Orleans’ DA Jim Garrison tells the grim details of his case against Clay Shaw whom he arrested and tried for conspiracy in JFK's murder, and the CIA whom he publicly charged! This myth-shattering film is followed by a panel of three of the most popular, knowledgeable writers-researchers in the field, Jim Marrs, author of 'Crossfire,' the foundation for the film 'JFK,' Dick Russell, co-author with Jesse Ventura, of the NY Times’ best-seller, They Killed Our President, and Joan Mellen, the definitive biographer of Jim Garrison and author of A Farewell to Justice. Along with me, your host, they present startling and compelling new material: Who ordered Ruby to kill Oswald? Who was one of the shooters? Why was the President executed in public? These are just a few of the eye-opening, mind-opening nuggets they share along with questions from the audience and viewers.”

The e-Newsletter of Wordsmith Media, Inc.

In its first launch in 2005, Sacred History Magazine  was honored as
"The 30 Most Notable Launches of 2005" out of over 1,000 titles and
named "One of the Best Magazines of 2005" by The Library Journal.
The new issue of Sacred History Magazine  is scheduled to be in major
retail stores nationally, including Barnes & Noble soon.

in Newmarket, UK April 4, 2015

Wordsmith's Steve Frasher with California Chrome